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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Portfolio Showcase!

The other day I attended the portfolio showcase, which helped a lot more then I thought it would have. We're told to make these portfolios, but being a transfer students I never knew what was expected. Going to this showcase, showed me the best of the best when it came to portfolios.

Ben was the only one who had an online portfolio. This was cool because it's different, and with it being almost 2012 technology is where it's at! I also looked at some others which included Gia, Lauren and Allison's.

While all of them were good, I was fascinated by how much info was in Lauren. It seemed like she had everything from anything she's ever done from her artifacts to the marathons she's been apart of, and the list going on and on.

Going to this showcase gave me a lot of great ideas on what to add to mine, and hopefully one day. My portfolio will be in the showcase!

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