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Monday, December 5, 2011

Lab D- Broomball

When I found out that I was assigned the Ice Rink, I became really nervous because I haven't been on the Ice in a long time. Although I had taken ice skating lessons when I was younger, I was afraid that I had lost all my skills that I had once learned. I knew instantly that if I needed to teach on the ice that I had to start practicing on the ice, to become better. If it's one thing I've learned this semester is that practicing not only the skill that you're teaching but practicing teaching, and practice saying what you plan on saying. This is so important in the teaching world because you need to be able to know the skill like the back of your hand in order to be able to critique your students in the skill and to give them congruent and specific feedback throughout your time with them. I had been on the ice now for a few days, and although some of my skills from years ago came back. I still had no idea what I should teach for my final lesson. In this final lesson, we all had to tie in a health topic that Prof. Yang had decided for us. I was thrown Tobacco.

      After thinking awhile, I had finally decided on teaching Broom ball because we could be on the ice rink without using ice skates. I now needed to some how add tobacco and technology into my lesson. After battling many techniques I decided to make posters of healthy lungs and lungs after using tobacco. These posters would now become targets in my lesson. Now that I was confident with relating tobacco into my lesson I had to figure out a way to add technology. I couldn't use video games like the wii or xbox 360 connect, so I became lost for a bit, while my mind wondered.  I became excited about the idea of using the technology we've used semester. We're suppose to post almost everything we've come in contact with this semester on our blogs. So why not make a homework assignment to join a blog about Broom ball that I would create, and answer a few questions on it. So my plan was to after class, send an email to every student and give them access to post on this blog.

When trying to figure out what I had done well in this lesson, I came to the conclusion that I had pretty good visuals, along with keeping my voice clear and understandable. One of the main things I've been trying to focus on with each lab, is to become better at my keeping my voice loud and to keep good control over the class. I also believe I gave good positive congruent feedback, although the video didn't show it I made sure I did this. I tried to give as much feedback to as many people as I could, but it was hard because the ice was such a big area and it was hard to move around.

Sometimes its hard to watch your lessons, because you know you did things wrong and watching you do them and not being able to change them is something that is really hard for me. I became really flustered in the beginning, forgetting what I had wanted to say about class rules and etiquette. Although I had practiced this lesson multiple times in front of people I froze. Part of me believes that my head wasn't there that day. This particular day was pretty rough, and I had been in a bad mood pretty much all day. We are all human and we will all have bad days, but as teachers when we have a bad day here or there, we need to not show it like I did. By the end of lesson, I had become less grumpy it was clear, but I need to learn to put whatever happens before I walk into those gym doors out of my head so it doesn't affect the students, like it affected my lesson. I believe this was the biggest thing I learned from in lab d.

We're all learning, and adapting to new things in new environments and our goal is to become the best physical educators as possible and I believe that this lesson more then any of the others helped me the most. I needed to experience forgetting what I had planned, and learn how to put things out of my mind along with learning to adapt to the changes that I will be faced with on a daily basis in the future.

This semester has truly been awesome in giving me experience towards my goal of becoming a physical educator. I can't even begin to explain the things I've learned these past few months. Comparing my first video from the first day of EDU 255 to my most recent, I believe not only have I grown as a person but also as a teacher candidate. I can't wait to learn and experience more in my years to come!!

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