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Friday, September 9, 2011

Checking Your Understanding

1. What is meant by the idea that teaching is a goal-orientated activity? This means,  in education your goal is to educate the students on how to have a better lifestyle. You're teaching them what they have to do to become healthy and stay active. It's important that as we grow, we learn and understand how important staying active is for us. Our goal is to stay active for our whole life. The book talks about defensible and not defensible programs for the Elementary level and the Secondary level. In both the elementary and secondary levels, the goals are the same. These goals are to teach the students certain skills and to make them practice them so that they can become better at the skills. In the "not defensible" programs, both the elementary and secondary programs "don't care" about teaching the students and the progression of the students skills. The non-defensible way is teaching them every skill in 5 minutes and letting them play the sport the next two weeks not caring about the progression of the students, just letting them play in tournaments and games.

5.Why is the movement task-student response unit of analysis so important in physical education? According to the book, "movement tasks are motor activities assigned to the student that are related to the content of the lesson". You need movement tasks to help progress the students abilities and learning of the activities being taught in the current lesson. This is important because physical education is all about moving and staying active. If a student isn't moving in your activity, they also don't care. Our job is to teach them that they should care, and how to keep there bodies healthy. We want them to care about their bodies and staying healthy. The student response is important in physical education because this is where as a teacher, you correct and help the student become better at there individual performance.

7.What is the relationship between teaching functions and teaching skills? List two teaching functions teachers must perform, and describe two alternative behaviors teachers can choose to perform these functions. Teaching function is the focus on the purpose of teaching, and teaching skills is how you do it, your skills in general on being/becoming a great teacher. Two teaching functions are identifying outcomes and planning. Two alternative behaviors are content and management. Content behavior involves the task, and different ways to handle it and accomplish it. Management behaviors deal with the structure and organization of the class, and how to handle it.

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