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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lab A-2

   Teaching the lesson for the second time, felt better because I actually had time to think about what I wanted to say, and how I wanted to say it. Even though you'll never say everything exactly the way you planned, having a lesson planned out with ideas and things you want to talk about, makes the lesson structured and run more smoothly. Although there are things I need to work on, overall I think I did pretty well.

After hearing that Prof. Yang had forgot the equipment, I freaked out a little bit because I was worried about how I was going to teach a basketball lesson without the basketballs. I didn't know how well using imaginary basketballs would work. Another problem I had was that Shane had gone right before me, and had my hook. Which also made me panic because this meant I had four minutes to think of a whole new hook. This was challenging for me because I spent too much time freaking out instead of just relaxing and thinking. Although I was hoping that I could have stuck with my original hook, I realized this was good for me. A big part of teaching is thinking on your feet, being able to change or re-vamp the lesson to work with students who are struggling or excelling. Having circumstances that force me to think on my feet will help me become a better teacher!

In the beginning of the lesson, I asked the students to turn and face the hoop so that they weren't distracted by the other group in the gym. I also tried to broadcast my voice more then the first time. Although overall my voice was loud enough, there were moments that I couldn't hear myself because either the clapping from the other side of the gym, or my voice had softened. I need to make sure my voice stays loud at all times, even over my nervous clapping. With time, and lessons I'm sure my nervous clap will disappear because teaching will become more natural and comfortable. The more I feel comfortable, the more the students I'm teaching will be able to follow more smoothly. If I'm clapping all the time, or pacing because I'm nervous the students will notice it. They'll take advantage of my nervousness, and my lack of confidence.

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