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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dodgeball In the Physical Education Classroom?

Photograph of two players participating in a c...Image via WikipediaIn class we were asked to step towards the front of the classroom if we thought Dodgeball should be apart of the classroom, and towards the back of the classroom if we thought it shouldn't be allowed. I stepped in the middle, because although I believe that there are some aspects of Dodgeball that are beneficial for students and there motor skills, such as teamwork, throwing, catching and dodging.  I have a stronger opinion that Dodgeball should not acceptable for the Physical Education classroom. Games such as these singles the non-athletic students out, and they end up sitting out. These games not only single students out, but can put them down and make them feel bad about themselves because they aren't as athletic as the rest of the class. There are other games that can be played that keep everyone active and having fun, without singling out the weakest ones in the class, who need the active lifestyle the most.

The NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education) also does not believe that students(K-12) should be playing Dodgeball in the classroom. The Physical Education programs need to give students the knowledge, skills and confidence to stay active their whole life, and games such as Dodgeball don't do this. They also want Physical Educators to give there students positive experiences
that make them want to exercise outside of the classroom.

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