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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surprise Teaching Video 255

I thought I was speaking loud enough and clear, but in the video you barely could hear my instructions. I thought I had every ones attention but when I looked at the video I found that people were easily distracted by the other group. I need to put my group of learners with there backs towards the distractions, that way it's easier to focus on what I'm saying and teaching and not what is happening behind them. I should explain the importance of shooting the lap up vs the jump shot. Instead I just showed them how to do it when I should have taught them that a lay up is important because it gets you closer to the hoop, therefore hopefully making the shot easier to go into the basket. The Camera was at a good angle to see who I needed to help correct, because from where I stood I could only notice some mistakes instead of all the mistakes that I found from watching the video. I need to make sure they're all doing what I asked, and I need to correct them so they do it right. My steps were starting at the block, then taking three steps, then a full running lay up. I didn't do a great job at making sure the steps were actually done. In the end when I gathered them all up, I should have summarized what we learned. I good thing I did was ask if anyone had any questions for me. Another thing I thought I did was help people who needed help. It didn't really show up on the tape because I was hidden, but when people weren't doing it right, and needed help I explained it better. I reminded them that there arm in a 90 degrees goes up when your leg in a 90 degrees moves. That everything is connected.

I think George was the only one who faced us away from the distractions, which was good. He sat us all down facing the bleachers so we had nothing to look at but him. This made us focus on him and not become distracted by the other group.

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