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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lab C-Korfball

In the beginning, I thought learning an international game that I had to teach would be hard, but in actuality it was a lot easier because I went in wanting to pick a simple game because we only had 10 minutes to teach. Knowing that I only had 10 minutes, I picked Korfball. I thought this game would be easy to teach because it was simple, almost like basketball. Almost everyone has played basketball at one time or another in their life, so I went off this concept. I first picked offense, and then narrowed it down to the passing/throwing skill to complete offense effectively. I practice over and over with my lesson, thinking I would breeze through this lesson, and do just as good as I did in Lab B. I was wrong, Lab C was a total mess.

I had a hard time saying everything I wanted to say, in the time that I had. I also became really flustered when I noticed that Prof. Yang had given Sarah and George blindfolds for the lesson. Although I should have expected that he was going to throw something my way, I wasn't expecting to be given a "disability". I was more then ready for people misbehaving, but the thought of having a student with a disability in my class, never struck my mind. I should have dealt with this obstacle better, instead I just ended up "degrading" the students, which wasn't my intention at all. I kept bring the fact that they were blind up, which was rude. I shouldn't have kept showing that they had a disability so I really need to work on that.

I also spent a lot of time talking,  a majority of my lesson was not activity. After completing my time coding sheet, this really stood out. More then 70% of my lesson consisted of me talking. I really need to work on that. The students need to be active and my lesson didn't really do that. Ten minutes seemed like so much time, but it really isn't. I ran out of time, and rushed through the activities that I did do because I was running out of time.  For Lab D I need to be ready for anything and everything that could be thrown at me. I have a lot to work out, but overall the more practice the better teacher I will be. I'm excited for more practice and Lab D, because I want to be the best I can be!

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